What Are Genes and How Do They Work?

What are Genes? How do Genes Work?

Scientists have studied the genetic makeup of life forms on the planet since the 1800s, and advances in technology over the years have helped to continue this research into the basic building blocks of life. The discovery of the helical structure of DNA in the 1950s was an important leap forward that created the field …

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Why Does Hot Water Taste Different Than Cold Water?

Cold Water Tastes Better Than Hot Water

Taste is subjective. A person’s taste preference can be tremendously influenced by culture, upbringing, and personal health concerns. This generally means it is rare to find two individuals with the same exact tastes in food and drink. However, there is something that a lot of people would agree on, regardless of what kind of foods …

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What Animal Can Run the Longest?

What Animal Can Run The Longest

Is it the dog? Possibly the cat? Maybe it is the long-legged horse? Has to be the speedy cheetah? Well, it is the efficient camel then? Or is it none of the above. The answer may surprise you, All you need to do is gaze in the mirror to witness the planet’s most efficient and …

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Why Is Pee Yellow?

Peeing or Urinating, though a basic bodily function that everyone gets to enjoy, is not exactly the hottest topic around a dinner table. Before you could barely open your eyes you were taking part in the spectacular waste management process that ends with peeing. This essential process is grotesque and taboo to many which is …

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