What Happens to Unused Gift Cards and Certificates?

unused gift cards

Let’s face it, buying gifts for friends and family can be a frustrating. You always have the option of sending cash, but that is tacky and impersonal, right? In 1994, the gift card appeared as an answer to this eternal struggle. It is a piece of plastic that has an aura of thoughtfulness yet gives …

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Are Insects Set to Replace the Cow as a Food Source?


You may have seen a documentary, read an article, or found information on social media regarding the growing problem with world food production. When you consider the detriment to our environment and the food source itself, it is perhaps time to consider what the future holds for the globe’s nutrition. It is estimated that 35 …

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How Many People Can Fit on a Plane? Many More Than You Think!

Most people think of a largely unpleasant, cramped, and annoying experience when it comes to air travel. After all, who doesn’t enjoy an overly chatty cat lady on one side and an over-sized coughing gentleman eating out of a burger king bag on the other? But have you stopped lately to appreciate the logistical marvel that lead …

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Who Invented Rock-Paper-Scissors?

who invented rock paper scissors?

It’s a playful children’s hand game that has transcended generations and it goes by many names: Roshambo or Rochambeau, ick-ack-ock (UK), and yes, Rock-Paper-Scissors (US). Though certainly a playful game, it is often used as a more “sophisticated” or “strategic” device used to come to a decision of some sort between two people. The answer as to …

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How Does Sunscreen Work?

how does sunscreen work?

The World is a Dangerous Place What if we told you that every day you are being attacked by invisible  rays that damage the DNA in your skin cells causing generative mutations? No, it is not the apocalypse or the attack of alien invaders. It’s the sun, or more precisely, its ultra-violet (UV) rays. Though …

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How To Tell Military Time?

How To Tell Military Time

The notion of military time – the seemingly secretive measure of timekeeping reserved for the armed forces – is actually quite unique to folks in the United States in Canada. Military time is simply a variation of the 24 hour clock that is used by nearly all other countries across the globe. The civilian world …

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