How To Tell Military Time?

How To Tell Military Time

The notion of military time – the seemingly secretive measure of timekeeping reserved for the armed forces – is actually quite unique to folks in the United States in Canada. Military time is simply a variation of the 24 hour clock that is used by nearly all other countries across the globe. The civilian world …

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Who Sent The First Message in a Bottle?

It is certainly not the most precise of communication tools. In fact, a messenger or carrier pigeon is a more exact means of communication when compared to a message in a bottle. It can take years floating and bobbing in the sea for a message in a bottle to make landfall or be discovered, if …

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How Does Email Work?

You probably send and receive dozens of emails a day. But do you ever wonder to yourself, “How does email work?”. Not to worry, you are not alone. Most of us have a pretty good feel for how snail mail gets delivered. Today, we learn how email gets delivered. It doesn’t matter if you are …

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