What is Earwax and What is it Made Of?

What is Earwax Made Of

Your ears contain delicate and complex organs like tiny bones, hairs, and membranes as well as hundreds of very sensitive nerve endings. Our bodies have devised a mechanism to protect our ears from the many potential hazards they face; that mechanism is earwax. Ear wax is the common name for the substance called cerumen, a …

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Do You Really Have To Wash Behind Your Ears?

Among all the motherly and parental advice, to wash behind your ears is but one. But is this  an affectionate saying, an admonishment, or the result of some other cultural or religious notion? Or, is the phrase so pervasive because you should, in fact, wash behind your ears? Wash Behind Your Ears: Literal Meaning Many …

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What are Q-tips For?

No, we are not talking about the rap artist. We are talking about the well-known cotton swab brand. For many, the word q-tip has generalized to refer to all cotton swabs, cotton tipped applicators, ear buds, and cotton buds – like xerox is to copier or kleenex is to tissue. But we digress. The q-tip …

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