What is the Origin of the Booby Trap?

Booby Trap

What is a Booby Trap? In its traditional historical use, the term “booby trap” referred to a practical joke intended for people perceived as foolish or stupid. Today, its meaning has evolved to imply a hidden and possibly deadly trap. More specifically, a booby trap is a device intended to kill, harm, or neutralize a …

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Who Invented Rock-Paper-Scissors?

who invented rock paper scissors?

It’s a playful children’s hand game that has transcended generations and it goes by many names: Roshambo or Rochambeau, ick-ack-ock (UK), and yes, Rock-Paper-Scissors (US). Though certainly a playful game, it is often used as a more “sophisticated” or “strategic” device used to come to a decision of some sort between two people. The answer as to …

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How To Tell Military Time?

How To Tell Military Time

The notion of military time – the seemingly secretive measure of timekeeping reserved for the armed forces – is actually quite unique to folks in the United States in Canada. Military time is simply a variation of the 24 hour clock that is used by nearly all other countries across the globe. The civilian world …

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Who Sent The First Message in a Bottle?

It is certainly not the most precise of communication tools. In fact, a messenger or carrier pigeon is a more exact means of communication when compared to a message in a bottle. It can take years floating and bobbing in the sea for a message in a bottle to make landfall or be discovered, if …

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Who Invented Sausage?

Oh, the sausage. Whether it is bratwurst, Slim Jim, hot dog, salami, or kielbasa, there is no questioning the unadulterated love the world has for sausage. Have you ever pondered why sausages are around every corner and in nearly every ethnic dish? Sausage is found across many cultures, but who invented sausage to start this craze? …

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Why Are There Countries That Drive On The Left?

If you’re from the nearly 75 percent of countries that have their traffic flow on the right side of the road (referring to the direction rather than a comment on correctness), then you are in for quite a shock in those countries that drive on the left. Countries like England, Japan, and India, just to …

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