Could You Be Addicted to Social Media?

Social media addiction

Connecting with family, friends, and coworkers in todays world is as easy as it has ever been. Photos and experiences are shared in seconds rather than the decades it may have taken just 20 years ago. But, this conveinance and novelty come at a cost for many. Addiction to social media may seem like a …

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What is the Gig Economy?

What is the Gig Economy

The digital age has transformed the economic realities of the modern world in ways that few people could have imagined a mere two decades ago. Ecommerce, digital dispersal of information and wholly online services for both businesses and individuals have revolutionized the way that economic activity occurs in the 21st century. These changes, aside from …

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What Do Astronauts Eat in Space?

Astronaut ice cream definitely isn’t the stuff sitting in your freezer at home. Though compelling, its name doesn’t quite capture the oddity of unwrapping its small foil packet to reveal a Styrofoam-like substance. For those of us who grew up loving everything about space exploration or perhaps were simply bribed with the staple gift shop …

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Why is there Braille on Drive-Thru ATMs?

Considering that the user of most drive-thru ATMs is a driver, it strikes the weasel as odd that there are Braille dots scattered across these ATMs keypads. The answer may be more simple that we imagined. After all, those dots aren’t just there to massage your fingers. Why There is Braille on Drive-Thru ATMs There …

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