What Is the Longest River in South America?

Are you a lover of rivers? If so, you need to make South America your next destination as this continent is home to some of the world’s most fascinating ones, including its longest or second-longest, depending on how a river’s length is defined. The world’s largest river basin is also located here. Also, the geography …

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Why are Red and Green Christmas Colors?

Why Are Christmas Colors Green and Red

Never has a color combination been more strongly associated with a specific event or holiday than green and red. White and black can be the a chessboard, the representations of good and evil, or the colorings of a Dalmatian- but green and red? That’s Christmas. Only Christmas. But, why are red and green Christmas colors? Why …

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What is the Origin of the Booby Trap?

Booby Trap

What is a Booby Trap? In its traditional historical use, the term “booby trap” referred to a practical joke intended for people perceived as foolish or stupid. Today, its meaning has evolved to imply a hidden and possibly deadly trap. More specifically, a booby trap is a device intended to kill, harm, or neutralize a …

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Difference between Freeways and Highways?

Difference Between Freeways and Highways

Before exploring the key differences between the different transportation ways, it is probably best to begin with the definition of each. What is a Freeway The exact definition of the freeway is that it a restricted-access highway that does not include any tolls. All vehicles are allowed to run for free, which means that they …

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How Many People Can Fit on a Plane? Many More Than You Think!

Most people think of a largely unpleasant, cramped, and annoying experience when it comes to air travel. After all, who doesn’t enjoy an overly chatty cat lady on one side and an over-sized coughing gentleman eating out of a burger king bag on the other? But have you stopped lately to appreciate the logistical marvel that lead …

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