How Much Does an RV Cost?

This is a tough question to answer given that there are nearly a dozen different types of recreational vehicles for sale today. You can blame the record sales over the past few years and the nearly 9 million Americans who own an RV.  Here, the Weasel offers you both a brief explanation of the types of RVs and also answers the main question: How much does an RV cost? (Spoiler alert: the range is from around $5,000 to $3 Million.)

Description of RV Types

 class-a-motorhome  Class A Motorhome – This type of RV is the one perhaps most commonly thought of as a motorhome. The Class A is the largest motorized RV with all of its features available while the vehicle is moving: kitchen, bathroom, TV, etc.  It is a home on wheels that many live in full time. Many times Class A motorhomes are built on a bus chassis. This characteristic look makes them easy to spot.
 class-b-motorhome Class B Motorhome – To the untrained eye they look very much like a van. They actually are referred to as van conversion or camper vans in many circles. Most Class B motorhomes have enough room to stand up in and include a kitchen, bathroom, and sleeping area. It may be the smallest of the motorhomes, but also the most fuel-efficient.
 class-c-motorhome Class C Motorhome – Class C Motorhomes are the mid-sized motorhome. They can be spotted by their over cab sleeping area and van/truck front end. Class C motorhomes are very popular among families as they offer additional sleeping areas over a Class A and B. They also are available at a cheaper price point.
 fifth-wheel-trailer Fifth Wheel Trailer – Recognizable because of the neck sticking out with a metal hitch, this hitch connects to the center of a truck bed instead of the back. Fifth wheel trailers offer some of the largest living spaces in the RV world. They also come in a variation that lets you store smaller items in a garage such as jet ski, motorcycles, and small cars called a toy hauler.
 travel-trailer Travel Trailer – The travel trailer is by far the most popular selling RV in the world. Essentially a small 1 room hut on wheels, these trailers can vary from 12 feet all the way up to 30 or more feet long. They allow RV owners access to this style of RV for far less than most RV’s mentioned above.
 truck-camper Truck Camper – These RVs mount on a pickup bed or chassis of some kind. They essentially are the best choice for off roaders and people in extreme conditions as these campers can go pretty much anywhere the truck can go.
Pop-Up Camper – A starter RV for some and for others there is no other way they would have it. These small and portable RVs allow for the open air feel of camping with some of the creature comforts that come with RVs. They are offered at the lowest price point of any RV.

How Much Does an RV Cost?

*Prices are merely an estimate as all MSRP information was not available. There may be other high end RV brands available, the examples are just for your viewing pleasure.

Link Below Shows Image Low End $ High End $ High End Manufactuers
Class A Motorhome $70,000 $3,000,000 Made by Prevost and Marchi-mobile
Class B Motorhome $60,000 $150,000 Made by Airstream
Class C Motorhome $45,000 $500,000 Made by Dynamax and Renegade
Fifth Wheel Trailer $20,000 $150,000 Made by DRV Suites
Travel Trailer $15,000 $100,000 Made by Airstream
Truck Camper $4,000 $60,000 Made by Lance, Host, and Chalet
Pop-Up Camper $3,000 $25,000 Made by Aliner


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