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who invented rock paper scissors?

Who Invented Rock-Paper-Scissors?

It's a playful children's hand game that has transcended generations and it goes by many names: Roshambo or Rochambeau, ick-ack-ock (UK), and yes, Rock-Paper-Scissors (US). Though certainly a playful … [Read More...]

how does sunscreen work?

How Does Sunscreen Work?

The World is a Dangerous Place What if we told you that every day you are being attacked by invisible  rays that damage the DNA in your skin cells causing generative mutations? No, it is not the … [Read More...]

How To Tell Military Time

How To Tell Military Time?

The notion of military time - the seemingly secretive measure of timekeeping reserved for the armed forces - is actually quite unique to folks in the United States in Canada. Military time is simply a … [Read More...]

What Bird Can Fly Backwards?

What Bird Can Fly Backwards?

Most living things we see on a daily basis (including other people) have the ability to both move forward and backwards. Do our airborne bird counterparts get to experience the same luxury? As it … [Read More...]


Why is Ginger Served with Sushi?

Why is Ginger Served with Sushi?  Whether you’ve eaten sushi with wise old men in Japan or you’re currently staring down at your prepackaged mid-level grocery store California roll, you've likely … [Read More...]


Why Is Pee Yellow?

Peeing or Urinating, though a basic bodily function that everyone gets to enjoy, is not exactly the hottest topic around a dinner table. Before you could barely open your eyes you were taking part in … [Read More...]